NPPA revises ceiling price of Coronary Stents

New Delhi: Through a recent notification, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, and the Government of India has revised the ceiling price of the two Coronary Stents, Bare Metal Stents and Drug Eluting Stents (DES) including metallic DES and Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold (BVS)/ Biodegradable Stents.

According to the new prices notified by the drug price regulator, the ceiling price of one unit of Bare Metal Stents is Rs 10509.20 while one unit of Drug-Eluting Stents (DES) including metallic DES and Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold (BVS)/ Biodegradable Stents is Rs 38265.07.

In continuation of the notifications issued by National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority, Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizers vide S.O. 639(E) dated 12.02.2018, S.O. 1464(E) dated 02.04.2018, S.O. 1488(E) dated 29.03.2019, SO. 1217(E) dated 25.03.2020, S.O. 1334(E) dated 25.03.2021 and 1502(E) dated 30.03.2022, 5249(E) dated 11.11.2022 regarding the fixation of ceiling price of the Coronary Stents as specified in column no. (2) mentioned in the table below; after considering the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) @12.1218% for the year 2022 over 2021, it has been decided to revise the ceiling prices of Coronary Stents as mentioned in column no. (4) in the table below, exclusive of Goods and Services Tax as applicable, and unit specified in column (3) with effect from 01.04.2023, as under:

Sl. No

Coronary Stents ( Sl. No. 28 in Schedule-I of the DPCO, 2013)

Unit (in Number)

Ceiling Price (in Rs.)






Bare Metal Stents




Drug Eluting Stents (DES) including metallic DES and Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold (BVS)/ Biodegradable Stents



The notification further added:

(a) All the existing manufacturers/importers of Coronary Stents having MRP lower than the ceiling price specified in column (4) in the above table (plus Goods and Services Taxes as applicable, if any), may revise the existing MRP of Coronary Stent, on the basis of WPI @ 12.1218% for the year 2022 over 2021 in accordance with Paragraph 16(2) of DPCO, 2013, read with Para 13(2) of DPCO, 2013.

(b) The manufacturers/importers of Coronary Stents may add Goods and Services Taxes only if they have paid actually or if it is payable to the Government on the ceiling price mentioned in column (4) of the aforesaid table.

(c) As per Para 24(4) of DPCO 2013, every retailer and dealer shall display the price list and the supplementary price list, if any, as furnished by the manufacturer/importers, on a conspicuous part of the premises where he carries on business in a manner so as to be easily accessible to any person wishing to consult the same.

(d) The manufacturers not complying with the ceiling price and notes specified hereinabove shall be liable to deposit the overcharged amount along with interest thereon under the provisions of the Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 2013 read with Essential Commodities Act, 1955.

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