Choosing Baby Hair Oil? 4 Do’s And Don’ts To Note This Summer

Summer means extreme sweating and accumulation of dust on the surface. Hence it is essential to use a small quantity of oil for application over the scalp and wash it off after a day. The oil used should also be less because more oil can lead to clogged pores and scalp infections. Heating the oil before application is common, but this should be avoided in the summer. Instead of heating oil over a water bath, rub it for a few seconds between your palms and apply it over the baby’s scalp, as your little one may not well tolerate warm oil. Dr Swathi Ramamurthy, Head – Research and Development, Herby Angel, asks you to take care of these few tips and make the champi sessions calming for your baby.

Select hair oils devoid of Mineral oil, Lanolin, and LLP: Irrespective of the season, oils having mineral oil, Lanolin, and LLP should not be used for babies and kids since their skin is susceptible. Mineral oil is a petroleum byproduct used to make the oils light. You might feel uncomfortable using dense oils in summer and prefer to opt for oils with LLP. Still, it is strictly advised to refrain from doing so because Mineral oil not only has long-term side effects like that of causing skin cancers, but it can also cause local inflammation and irritation, especially in summer.
Opt for a Hair oil with coconut oil as a base: Most Ayurvedic hair oils use Sesame or coconut oil. During summers, it is always advised to go for coconut oil-based hair oil for babies as it is a natural coolant that keeps the scalp cool. While it is good to do a head massage with oil, it is essential to remember that a lesser quantity of oil should be used for head massage in summer. Excessive usage of hair oil can clog the pores. In addition, considering summer is a season of excessive sweating, the combined sweat and oil can lead to dandruff, scalp infection, etc.

Prefer choosing oil without fragrances or going for those having mild natural aromas: Most hair oils have synthetic fragrances which have alcohol and chemical irritants in them. During summer, the skin becomes extremely sensitive due to atmospheric heat, excessive sweating, etc. If you feel your baby doesn’t like the smell of oil without fragrances, prefer mild essential oil-derived scents like jasmine, sandal, and khus. According to Ayurveda, these fragrances are calming to the senses and the perfect choice for summer.
Prefer buying oils that are specifically made for babies: Refrain from using adult hair oils as the majority of the hair oils that are made for adults have strong fragrances, and herbal hair oils have ingredients like Onion juice extract, Bhallataka, Bhringaraja etc., which can irritate a baby’s gentle scalp causing inflammation, redness, and itching especially in summer. Hence picking mild oils specifically for babies’ delicate scalps is always a wise option.

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