No promotions: 381 doctors posted in Delhi Health Dept working on same salary for 4 years

New Delhi: Putting forward their concern, some sections of the doctors at the Delhi health department have complained about the same salary and lack of promotions in the last four years. As many as 381 doctors working in various health departments in the capital have not been promoted since 2018.

These doctors who have also served during the COVID pandemic never got the incentives from the government, which is currently due. In their opinion, the main issue is the lack of salary hikes.

Mentioning the pressure of the work, they pointed out that the government should increase the salaries to encourage doctors to work enthusiastically. These doctors are appointed in various positions and departments, including the health and family welfare department, dispensaries, polyclinics and Delhi government hospitals.

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Although there were talks that the promotion process would be completed by the end of April 2022, the government has not taken action so far. Despite working endlessly during the COVID-19 pandemic, promotions for Delhi government doctors are still a distant dream.

Doctors appointed to posts of Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Senior Medical Officer (SMO) informed The Indian Express, “This is the condition after working for months at a stretch during COVID. They also said the one month’s salary that the Delhi government had promised to healthcare workers as an incentive for working during the COVID period has also not been given.

“Nothing has happened so far regarding our promotion. In fact, the next promotion is also overdue by more than three months now. This is the situation of COVID warriors who have put their life and their families live at stake and worked day and night for the national cause,” said a doctor working with the state health department.

He added, “Promotions are time-bound, but doctors are not getting their dues and have been working on the same salaries for the last four years. We cannot even protest against it because our jobs are essential services.”

Another doctor said that the promotion from SMO to CMO is overdue by more than four years and the next promotion from CMO to non-functional senior grade (NFSG) is overdue by more than three months now.

“There were promises of giving one month’s salary as an incentive for all health care workers for working relentlessly without leave, without weekly offs, on national holidays also, but nothing was done. Now they are not releasing our dues as well,” said another doctor.

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