Anant Ambani Gained Weight Due To Steroids From Asthma Treatment, Not Junk Foods or Lack of Exercise

Anant Ambani’s incredible weight loss journey was indeed a big inspiration to everyone. He lost a whopping 108 kilos in 18 months. The youngest son of Mukesh Ambani was praised for his body transformation and he also became an inspiration to all those who are suffering from obesity. But, recently during his marriage ceremony, pictures of him gaining back weight left everyone shocked. How did he gain that weight back? Was it his lifestyle that impacted his weight loss journey or there is something serious happening to his health? Since curiosity was building among his fans and many assumed that he couldn’t resist eating and was not exercising, we wanted to dig out the truth. And, the reality seems very different from what people are assuming.

Anant Ambani’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Back in 2016, Anant lost around 108 kgs in 18 months. As per reports, Nita Ambani and Anant Ambani, went to a children’s obesity hospital in Los Angeles to get a fixed diet routine. He was put on a strict diet and workout routine. Anant reportedly exercised for 5-6 hours every day. His routine included a 21 km walk followed by ‘yoga, weight training, functional training and high-intensity cardio exercises. His diet was also simple and extremely healthy. He used to have a lot of vegetables and fruits.

How Did Anant Ambani Gain Weight Again?

In one of the interviews, Anant Ambai‘s mother, Nita Ambani shared that her son is suffering from severe asthma, and is on heavy medication. She said, “Anant was highly asthmatic so we had to put him on a lot of steroids,” adding that “he suffers from obesity.”

How Steroids For Asthma Treatment Can Lead To Weight Gain?

According to the experts, asthma symptoms may make it more difficult for a person to exercise or keep active. Taking steroids in the long term can also make one feel hungrier than usual, which can lead to weight gain. Fluid retention from taking oral steroids can also lead to weight gain. “The steroids can also lead to water retention causing weight gain. Which is why a patient taking these steroids to keep asthma symptoms under control tends to gain weight massively.”

Here’s how these steroids work: The steroids which are used to treat asthma, can alter the metabolism rate of the body. This can increase the patient’s appetite level, and make him feel hungry quickly. The higher your daily dose, the more likely you are to suffer from these side effects. “Steroids simply increase your appetite,” says Dr Neeraj Gulati, adding that these steroids for asthma can also raise the blood glucose levels of the body, which can contribute to weight gain.

So, all those who are trolling Anant Ambani for his weight gain and fat-shamming him, understand that there is more than what you see, or what you assume. Before coming down to a conclusion, one should verify that the facts are true. Obesity is a growing problem across the world. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), almost 50 per cent of the world’s total population is suffering from obesity. But, the fact behind this surge is also that obesity is not just a condition, it can also be a symptom of a disease or a side effect of steroids that are used in the treatment of diseases.

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