Acne Excoriée: Tips To Treat This Skin-Picking Condition

Acne is one of the most bothersome and irritating skin disorder that we face. It is a persistent problem which gets triggered die to several factors like hormonal fluctuations, weather changes, pollution, stress, etc. having pimples and acne also brings along with it the habit of picking and popping them. We all know it as a bad habit but did you know that it is actually a medical condition? Experts call it acne excoriée, and it can be a serious condition. Here’s what you need to know to keep your skin health.

What Is Acne Excoriée

According to experts, this condition is defined described as when a person compulsively picks on their acne’s or pimples and this leaves behind scars and pigmented skin. This condition is not very common in men as it is in women, especially adolescent girls. The condition is usually associated with depression, anxiety, OCD, body dysmorphia, or emotional triggers.

A 2020 Journal of Psychiatric Research study of a population representative of the US revealed that “3.1 percent of females identified as having a lifetime skin-picking disorder.” This disorder is not very widely known because lots of people suffer in silence. At other times, this disorder is ignored by simply calling it a bad habit.

It is not untrue that it is a bad habit, but there is a difference between a person picking on his or her pimples because it is irritating the skin and when they do it out of compulsion due to stress factors. At times, people pick on it so hard, that they get scars or infections on their skin. This is when we know that it is not just a habit but a condition that could require attention. Experts say that they call it a excoriée when a person cannot stop and it becomes an addiction. That is the difference we should be aware of.

How Can You Treat This Condition?

The treatment to this condition involves a combination of things:

Self management
Proper cleansing of the skin
Going to therapy to address the concerns of stress and other things that might be triggering this action
Remove any triggers like a mirror or at-home extraction tools

Experts also recommend the following guidelines to help you kick the urge:

Wearing gloves or mittens when possible, keeping your fingernails short, getting a fidget toy, journaling to hold yourself responsible, and icing your skin if you get the urge to pick at it. Remember, that is is connected to your psyche and this can come and go, so it is important to address your mental health as well.

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