Yoga Can Help Reverse Moderate Diabetes: Yoga Asanas For Young Diabetics

Yoga Can Help Reverse Moderate Diabetes: Yoga Asanas For Young Diabetics
Yoga Can Help Reverse Moderate Diabetes: Yoga Asanas For Young Diabetics

Diabetes is a condition marked by high blood sugar that is brought on by poor eating habits, inactivity, pollution, and the stresses of the modern-day, fast-paced lifestyle. In India, 77 million people were estimated to have diabetes in 2019, and by 2045, that number is projected to reach over 134 million. Nearly 57 per cent of these people still remain undiagnosed. These are alarming statistics and should be taken seriously because diabetes is a crippling condition that can harm the heart, lungs, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, bones, brain system, thyroid gland, eyes and skin. Depression may also result from it.

“It goes without saying that diabetes must be managed with food, exercise, and insulin medicines, but this is rarely discussed. Adopting yoga, combined with a good diet and other lifestyle modifications, can aid in managing and preventing diabetes,” says Dr. Vinodha Kumari, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Jindal Naturecure Institute.  

She adds, “Yoga is an age-old discipline that can aid in managing and curing moderate diabetes. There is mounting evidence that yoga practice can help manage diabetic complications and combat the disease when it is still in its early stages. Yoga is well renowned for its capacity to reduce stress, improve mobility, lower blood pressure, and promote general health, all of which may eventually help reverse moderate diabetes. Many studies have shown that yoga and other mind-body practises can lower stress-related hyperglycaemia and enhance blood glucose control, making them an appealing alternative for the treatment and prevention of diabetes.”

How Yoga Can Help Young Diabetics

According to Dr. Vinodha, this is how practicing yoga helps prevent or manage diabetes.

Pancreatic cell rejuvenation: Yoga poses stimulate the pancreas which can promote the growth of beta cells that produce insulin.

Increases glucose uptake: Similar to other forms of exercise, yoga promotes the uptake of glucose by muscle cells, lowering blood sugar levels, enhancing circulation, and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Promotes weight loss: Yoga promotes weight loss and improves weight control which are crucial for managing diabetes as well as preventing diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Improves mental attitude: Regular yoga practice helps the mind to focus better and cultivates the right mental attitude for managing diabetes. Moreover, yoga encourages improved blood circulation and reduces stress, which is a major risk factor for developing diabetes.

Reduces Cholesterol: The metabolism of numerous important nutrients, including lipids, is frequently disrupted in people with diabetes. Hence, an increase in cholesterol levels is associated with diabetes. Frequent yoga practice boosts lipid metabolism and lowers blood cholesterol levels. It can considerably reduce the levels of LDL and total cholesterol while raising HDL levels.

Yoga Asanas for Diabetics

Dr. Vinodha Kumari also mentions a few yoga asanas that can be beneficial for people with diabetes as well as how to do the poses correctly.

 Ardha  Matsyendraasana

Stretch your legs out as you sit.
Maintain a relaxed posture while straightening your spine.
Place the right foot on the opposite side of the left knee.
Fold the left leg and keep it under the right leg.
Place the right palm behind the spine. While you inhale, raise the left arm and while exhaling cross the arm over the right leg and hold the ankle.
Twisting your spine and turn your shoulder back towards the right.
Keep your body in this position as long as you can while exhaling.
Come back to the starting position while taking a breath.
Repeat the practice on the other side.
Practice five rounds


Supta Udarkarkarshasana

Lie down your back
Ensure that your body is relaxed and that your head and spine are both straight
Bend the right leg and bring it close to the left knee.
Hold the right knee with the left palm.
Inhale deeply and pull the right knee down toward the left side and turn the head on the opposite side.
Breathe normally. Keep your body fully twisted for as long as you can before taking a breath and returning to the centre.
Do the same to the left side
Practice five rounds


Sit in Vajrasana
While inhaling, stretch your hands over your head and lean slightly back.
While exhaling, bend forward from the waist and place the hands and forehead on the ground in front of the knees.
Maintain the position with normal breath.
To return to the starting position, while inhaling raise the body and arms up and while exhaling bring the hands down.
Perform five rounds.


Sit with the legs together and straight in front of you.
Make sure your sitting bones are positioned high.
Take a deep breath in and raise both of your arms above the head.
While exhaling, bend forward and hold the toes of the feet. The forehead should touch the knees and elbows to the ground.
Maintain the position with normal breath.
While inhaling, raise the body and arms up and while exhaling bring the hands down.
Practice five rounds.

Final Words

In conclusion, Dr. Vinodha Kumari says, “Yoga may be used as an additional therapy for people with diabetes. Almost every aspect of health may be improved. It improves the quality of sleep, lowers blood pressure and advances both physical and mental wellness. Yoga can not only improve diabetes management, but if performed regularly, it may also lower the risk of various complications.”


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