Use Fragrance-Free Products On Your Baby’s Skin: A New Parents’ Guide

When a mother thinks of her baby, it’s all about their small, soft hands, feet, and that distinct baby smell one can’t get enough of. But, of course, no parent can ever forget the pleasant, faint scent of the top of their baby’s head. A study found that 90% of moms can identify their babies by smell alone. And you will be surprised to learn that it’s the same for babies; babies immediately respond to their mom’s scent. However, this newborn scent eventually fades away, and you should start using products that keep your baby smelling like the cute little peaches they are. So before you begin tossing out all your products, not all scents are harmful.

Cetaphil Baby Skin Experts share everything you need to know about fragrances in baby products:

Relaxation through fragrant emollients: Emollients are ingredients in skin creams, lotions, or moisturizers that form a film on the skin and make the skin feel soft and smooth. If you have sensitive skin, emollients can relieve dryness, itching, and scaling and help the skin feel more at ease. Products with emollients and natural fragrances may benefit your baby as these can help your baby relax and sleep better. For example, chamomile and lavender are natural fragrances that have relaxing properties and induce sleep.
Natural and synthetic fragrances: The fragrance is divided into two categories: synthetic and natural. Simply put, synthetic fragrance is created in a laboratory, while natural fragrance scents are extracted from natural sources, such as a flower or a fruit. Fragrances can be wholly synthetic or semi-synthetic, and natural ones, on the other hand, are entirely natural. Shea butter and chamomile are two skincare ingredients with natural fragrances that linger.
Building skin resilience: When your baby’s skin is free of irritation, it is at its healthiest. Healthy skin is resilient. Your baby’s skin will be able to tolerate better daily environmental damage caused due to pollution or the changing weather. When the skin is not irritated and the skin barrier operates appropriately, you will see faster and better results. A fragrance-free face moisturizer and oil will provide the nutrition and protection the skin needs.
Is there a difference between fragrance and scent: Fragrance-free means that the product has no fragrance elements, synthetic or natural. On the other hand, unscented often indicates that the product lacks a noticeable fragrance but may contain compounds that neutralize or conceal the scents of other active ingredients (which don’t always smell too great).
The labels can tell you more apart from fragrance: Even if a fragrance-free product, it can include some ingredients that may irritate your baby’s skin. When purchasing baby products, search for pH-balanced, paraben-free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and dermatologically tested.

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