Pools or showers: Here’s why sex in water may not be as fun as it sounds

Is shower sex a fantasy for you? Now that summer is almost here, steaming things up in the pool with your partner might have also crossed your mind. If you are adventurous, you might be even up for sex in a lake when no one is around. How about sex in a hot tub after a busy day? While the idea of these may seem fun and exciting ideas, but think about about your health before having sex in water. Read on to find out what can happen if you get experimental and go for sex in water!

Health Shots connected with Dr Sanjay Kumawat, Consultant Psychiatrist and Sexologist, Fortis Hospital Mulund, Maharashtra to find out the pros and cons of having sex in water.

Things that can happen if you have sex in water

Having sex in hot tubs, lakes pools or even showers often seems to be fun and intimate. However, it’s not as effortless or relaxed as we think. It comes with high chances of getting some kind of an infection.

Sex in water isn’t safe. Image Courtesy: Freepik

1. Vaginal irritation

Have you ever noticed a burning sensation in your eyes after a swim in a pool? Well, sometimes chemicals like chlorine in the swimming pool water are to be blamed. So, if you have sex in a pool, it can cause skin irritation or lead to vaginal irritation, says Dr Kumawat. That’s because it can alter the normal pH of your vagina.

2. Infections

If you already have a yeast infection, sex in a hot tub may make the condition worse. Also, the chances of getting a yeast infection, Bacterial Vaginosis or urinary tract infection (UTI) increase when you have penetrative sex in water. As for a stagnant water source, it is always unhygienic as against the flowing one as in a stream or river. The expert says that lake water can contain germs, bacteria, or some sort of chemicals that can lead to UTI or any kind of infection.

You might have painful sex if you do it underwater. Image Courtesy: Freepik

3. Painful sex

Vaginal lubrication is important if you want to enjoy sex. But if you have underwater sex, from the action of penetration, water will enter your vagina and wash away your natural lubrication. This will lead to pain during or after penetrative sex in water, says the expert.

4. Condoms might be less effective

The chemical in the water and its temperature can weaken the latex or condom. It might result in pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections due to punctures in the condom. That’s why condoms are extremely important during sex.

Dr Kumawat says shower sex can be a bit safer as compared to sex in a pool or lake or hot tub since you won’t be completely underwater. However, there might be a risk of slipping and falling down. So, you need to be very careful. It’s best to enjoy foreplay or oral sex and explore standing positions when you are in the shower with your partner.

It might sound adventurous or exciting to try sex in water, but the expert says that it is not advisable to have vaginal or anal sex in such environments. But using hands on each other, kissing, humping and nipple stimulation are some great ways to turn on before having sex indoors. It’s also important to note that no matter what your environment is, you should always be mindful of protecting yourself against STIs and unwanted pregnancy!

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