Orissa Govt increases Study Leave of doctors from 3 to 6 years to encourage specialised qualification

Bhubaneswar: Bringing good news to the government doctors wishing to pursue speciality training, the Orissa government has increased the study leave span of doctors from three years to six years. 

This decision has been taken by the Government with an aim of encouraging specialised qualifications for doctors of government hospitals and medical colleges.

Previously, the doctors used to get permission for study leave for a maximum of three years in their service career, subject to the condition that the total period of study leave combined with other kinds of leave, except leave on medical certificate or extra ordinary leave, does not involve an absence from duty for more than 36 months.

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After careful consideration, the government decided that the study leave may be granted to doctors working under administrative control of health and family welfare department up to a maximum period of six years in the service career for pursuing PG and post PG higher studies, subject to the condition that the total period of study leave in combination with other kinds of leave except leave on medical certificate or extraordinary leave, does not involve an absence from duty for more than 72 months, the notification mentioned, adds Odisha Bytes.

Apart from this, the State has also permitted the doctors to avail leave within the first five years of service. Previously, when the doctors used to avail study leave within the first five years, the leave was used to be extra ordinary leave (EOL) on private ground.

As per the latest media report by the Times of India, abolishing the previous system, the finance department of the government issued a memorandum on Saturday specifying that EOL taken for higher studies will be counted as Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP) of doctors.

“The government has decided to count this period of higher study sanctioned as EOL on private ground as service period for the purpose of allowing benefit under Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP) scheme to the medical officers for future DACPs to be allowed,” the notification added.

In the memorandum, the government has also clarified that doctors employed under the administrative control of Department of Health and Family Welfare will get the permission for study leave for Postgraduate (PG) and post-PG studies.

The Government decision in this regard has come into effect from Friday, when the finance department memorandum was issued. The State also made it clear that cases where benefits have already been allowed would not be opened again. 

Further, the memorandum also referred to the cases where study leave is on and mentioned that they will be decided as per the new provision.

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