NMC gives Deadline to Medical Students Abroad to fulfill deficiencies on pending applications for Eligibility Certificate

New Delhi: Referring to the pending applications for issuance of Eligibility Certificates, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has now set a 30 days deadline for the students pursuing medical courses abroad to complete their applications in the eligibility web portal and fulfill their deficiencies.

The Ethics and Medical Registration Board (EMRB) of NMC has further warned that if the applicants fail to attend to the deficiencies, fill in the same information repeatedly, or do not submit their applications within 30 days, their applications will not be further considered and the pending applications will be treated as closed.

A list of 2875 applicants along with their father’s names and application tracking numbers have also been published by NMC in the Public Notice issued yesterday i.e. April 18, 2023.

NMC Ethics Board issued the notice after taking note of the fact that some applications for issuance of eligibility certificate are pending with the applicants only (pending with initiator) for more than 6 months of time.

Referring to the matter, NMC mentioned in the notice that such applications are pending “due to non-submission of requisite documents/information and clarifications from respective applicants.”

In this connection, NMC referred to Section 13(4B) of Indian Medical Council Act, 1956, which stated, 

“(4B) A person who is a citizen of India
shall not, after such date as may be specified by the Central Government under sub-section (3), be eligible
to get admission to obtain medical qualification granted by any medical institution in any
foreign country without obtaining an eligibility certificate issued to him by the Council and
in case any such person obtains such qualification without obtaining such eligibility
certificate, he shall not be eligible to appear in the screening test referred to in sub-section (4A): Provided
that an Indian citizen who has acquired the medical qualification from foreign medical
institution or has obtained admission in foreign medical institution before the commencement of the
Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Act, 2001 shall not be required to obtain eligibility
certificate under this sub-section but, if he is qualified for admission to any medical course for
recognized medical qualification in any medical institution in India, he shall be required to qualifiy only
the screening test prescribed.”

NMC stated in this context that the requirement of taking Eligibility Certificate before proceeding abroad for MBBS & its equivalent course has been dispensed w.e.f. 05 June 2019. After this, the NEET-UG qualification is treated as Eligibility Certificate.

Publishing a list of 2875 applicants along with their application numbers, NMC pointed out, “It is observed that applicants whose name is mentioned in Annexure-I have proceeded abroad without obtaining Eligibility Certificate.”

Setting a 30 days deadline for completing the pending applications, NMC Ethics Board mentioned in the notice,

“In view of the above facts the applicants who have applied for Eligibility Certificate through web portal and still not fulfilled their deficiencies on the application after giving the several chances to them through online mode. Therefore, it has been decided by the competent authority to give 30 days time to all such applicants (Annexure-I) to complete their applications in the eligibility web portal.””In case, the applicants whose name is mentioned in Annexure-I do not fulfil the deficiency OR filling the same information repeatedly OR do not submit the applications within prescribed time frame i.e. 30 days from the date of this notice, failing which their application will not be considered further and the applications will be treated as closed without any further correspondence,” it further added.

To view the notice, click on the link below:


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