Homeopathic doctor coats his car with cow dung to beat the heat in Madhya Pradesh

Sagar: A homeopathic doctor in Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar district has done a unique experiment and coated a layer of cow dung on his car to get relief from the scorching heat.

The homeopathic doctor, Sushil Sagar, a resident of Tilakganj ward in the district, believes that the coolness remains in the car by doing so.

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Generally, people use AC in their cars to get rid of the heat in this modern era but Dr Sagar has turned himself towards home remedies. He had done the unique experiment for a few months.

The doctor claims that applying cow dung is a way to maintain the normal temperature inside the car. Cow dung is heat resistant and it does not allow heat to come inside the car. The car remains cool from inside.

“It often happens in summer that the sheet on top of the car draws heat and increases the temperature inside the car. By applying cow dung coating, the inside temperature of the car does not rise. The heat that is felt while sitting inside the car during summer is avoided with this,” Dr Sagar said.

He adds that another advantage is that generally, the car takes a few minutes to get cool when the AC is turned on in the summer, but because of this the car cools down immediately. Besides, those who are allergic to AC can travel in the car smoothly without turning on the AC.

There is only cow dung and nothing else in the coating. The way cow dung is applied on the ground similarly it is coated on the car. If it is protected from water then it lasts for around two months once coated, he added.

Dr Sagar is posted at Khurai Civil Hospital in the district and he has been working here since 2016.

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