Dynamic navigation assisted system increases accuracy of implant placement at cost of prolonged surgical time

Dynamic navigation assisted system increases accuracy of implant placement at cost of prolonged surgical time suggests a new study published in the Clinical Oral Implants Research.

To assess dental implant placement accuracy with a dynamic computer-assisted implant surgery (dCAIS) system and a freehand approach. Secondarily, to compare the patients’ perception and quality of life (QoL) with the two approaches.

A double-arm randomized clinical trial was conducted. Consecutive partially edentulous patients were randomly allocated to the dCAIS or standard freehand approach groups. Implant placement accuracy was evaluated by overlapping the preoperative and postoperative Cone Beam Computer Tomographs (CBCT) and recording linear deviations at the implant apex and platform (in mm) and angular deviations (in degrees). Questionnaires recorded self-reported satisfaction, pain and QoL during surgery and postoperatively.


• Thirty patients (22 implants) were enrolled in each group.

• One patient was lost to follow-up.

• A significant difference (p < .001) in mean angular deviation was found between the dCAIS (4.02°; 95% CI: 2.85 to 5.19) and the FH groups.

• Linear deviations were significantly lower in the dCAIS group, except for the apex vertical deviation, where no differences were found.

• Although dCAIS took 14 min longer , patients in both groups considered the surgical time acceptable.

• Postoperative pain and analgesic consumption during the first postoperative week were similar between groups and self-reported satisfaction was very high.

dCAIS systems significantly increase the accuracy of implant placement in partially edentulous patients in comparison with the conventional freehand approach. However, they increase the surgical time significantly and do not seem to improve patient satisfaction or reduce postoperative pain.


Jorba-García, A., Bara-Casaus, J J., Camps-Font, O., Sánchez-Garcés, M Á., Figueiredo, R., & Valmaseda-Castellón, E. (2023). Accuracy of dental implant placement with or without the use of a dynamic navigation assisted system: A randomized clinical trial. Clinical Oral Implants Research, 00, 1– 12. https://doi.org/10.1111/clr.14050

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