Dr Anju Sharma Says Sound Healing Can Stimulate Damaged Nerve Cells In Autistic Kids

Sound Healing is emerging as a great complementary therapy to aid people with chronic as well as day-to-day life problems. Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a serious developmental disorder which affects the communication and interaction abilities of a person. This condition causes differences in the brain and impacts the nervous system that hampers various functions including learning, movement and cognition. The severity and range of autism differs from person to person but they can be managed through sound therapy.

How Is Sound And Autism Connected?

A lot of autistic children are highly sensitive to certain spectrums of sound. They might get triggered with some frequencies that act as painful sounds to them. Parents must analyze those sounds and block them which is considered as selective hearing. Once these trigger sounds are blocked, the child needs to be given stimulation to retrain the brain. Sound therapy can help in stimulating the damaged nerve cells to promote well-being of an autistic child.

Know What Dr Anju Sharma Says On Sound Healing

Dr Anju Sharma, Sound and Energy Master, Tedx Speaker, Author of ‘Brahm se Brahmand tak’ shares few Benefits of Sound Healing for Autistic Children.

Sound Healing uses a range of different sounds that align with the mind and body of a person. The frequency of certain sounds help in holistic healing to promote mental, physical and psychological wellness. Since people with autism are at risk of vulnerability which can reach to an extent of harm and mental illness over time. It is important to control and guide them to lead a healthy and safe life. Here are some benefits of sound Healing for autism that caregivers must note.

Increased Calmness And Reduced Anxiety

As we all know, autistic children are highly vulnerable. They get anxious and irritated very easily and start to harm themselves as well as people around them. Giving them sound therapy can help them keep calm and manage anxiety and anger issues. Both children and parents would benefit greatly with this therapy as this may help reduce anxiety attacks and self-attacks that autism patients are prone to.

Improvement In Skills

As mentioned, autism can impair various skills of an individual. Sound therapy can help in improving the weak areas including cognition, behavioral problems, social skills, motor skills and self-confidence. Sound Healing is found to be effective in building connections and helping the individual accept and ace their condition.

Increased Body Awareness

Apart from communication and social skills, sound healing therapy may also aid verbalization, vocalization, coordination and gesture control. Some children also found to build stronger bonds with their parents after taking this therapy.

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