COVID-19 Variant Arcturus: World’s First Fatality Recorded In Thailand

Arcturus is another new variant of COVID-19 which is spreading across the world. This variant has also been identified as the sub-variant of Omicron. According to latest reports, the Arcturus variant has caused the first death case in Thailand. According to experts, this variant is 1.2 times more infectious than the last major sub-variant of COVID-19. This is a particularly concerning fact as the whole world is witnessing another surge in COVID-19 cases and some countries are also experiencing the surge in cases pertaining to this strain.

Thailand has detected a total of 27 cases infected with the Arcturus variant which includes one fatality as of April 17. The person who died, was an elderly person suffering from underlying health conditions. It may not be understood why and how this variant is so severe yet but it is clear that it can have a greater impact on people who have other health issues. Health officials have issued a warning regarding XBB.1.16 and urged the general public to exercise caution.

Is The Arcturus Variant More Dangerous?

The first detection of this particular variant was done in the month of January, this year. This Omicron sub-variant spreads very easily according to experts and the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO also stated that there are similarities in the XB.1.16 variant with the XBB.1.5 variant. But, there is an additional mutation in the new variant because of which it spreads easily. However, it might not be as severe as the last.

In India, Arcturus has replaced other variants, as per a WHO report. It is spreading quickly in the country, but the rate of hospitalization remains low. The variant leads to mild symptoms, and no severe complications have been noticed so far.

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