BFUHS Releases List Of Candidates Awarded PhD Degree In Faculty of Medical Sciences

Faridkot: Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (BFUHS) has released the list of candidates who have been awarded the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

The 4 candidates have been awarded the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Medical Sciences. The list consists of the Name of candidate/ father, Name of supervisor, Subject, Regn No, and Titles of thesis. The detailed list is enclosed in the notice below.

The following are the subjects in which the candidates are awarded –

1. PhD Medical Anatomy

2. PhD Medical Biochemistry

3. PhD Medical Pharmacology

The following are the titles of the thesis submitted by the selected 4 candidates –

1. Elucidation of Anticancer Effects of Carotenoids on Hela Cell Lines

2. Aluminium Toxicity on Reproductive System and Nervous System in Rats: Role of Ethanol Coexposure

3. Cystatin−C Evaluation Over and Above Creatinine Clearance in Type 2 Diabetics of Jammu and North West Punjabi Population

4. A Study of Prescribing Pattern And Effect of Ramipril, Telmisartan As Monotherapy and Their Combination In Patients of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus With Hypertension

PhD Medical Anatomy has 2 candidates awarded, and PhD Medical Biochemistry and PhD Medical Pharmacology have 1 candidate each.

As per the decision of the 31st meeting of the Academic Council held on 29.11.2022, further approved by BOM via circulation to members vide letter no. BFUHS (Meeting) 410/2023/3920 dated 10.03.2023, the worthy Vice-Chancellor has declared awarded the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy to these 4 candidates for the abovementioned subjects.

Baba Farid University of Health Sciences was established in July 1998 by Punjab Act No. 18. It is named after Baba Farid, a 12th-century Punjabi Sufi headquartered in Faridkot. The mission of the University is to create an intellectual, academic, and physical environment conducive to the free flow of ideas and exchange of information between various faculties of the University and between this University and other Universities of Health Sciences in the country and abroad.

To view the notice, click on the link below –

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