ADHD In Adults: How It Might Affect Their Life

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that usually affects a person in childhood. For some, the symptoms might fade away with time, for others, if the condition remains undiagnosed and untreated, it might invade adulthood as well. The condition falls under three categories, hyperactivity, inattentiveness and a combination of both.

If an adult gets an accurate diagnosis of ADHD, it could be life-changing. However, if not, then the condition can affect their health, career and relationships in a monumental way. Studies are still trying to understand if these adults suffering from the condition had remained undiagnosed or if could ADHD develop in adulthood as well. Any healthcare practitioner including a family doctor or general physician can diagnose the condition.

What does ADHD in adulthood look like?

Getting an ADHD diagnosis is not as easy as getting a scan or a blood test. The diagnosis will be based on observation, evaluation of your symptoms and your medical history. A person must at least tick five symptom boxes. The symptoms are often interfering in at least two areas of the person’s life. The following are some adult symptoms of ADHD.

Struggling with organizational skills

Since people affected by the condition have trouble organizing things and events and might find it hard to prioritize activities in a logical manner. This might make things difficult for them at their schools or workplace.

Often appear insensitive

Because of their inattentiveness and easily growing bored with things, adults with ADHD might often come across insensitive and uncaring. They might also speak over others in a conversation. This makes them suffer in all kinds of relationships with family, friends and co-workers.

They struggle with focus

The condition doesn’t end with inattentiveness. Adults affected by ADHD might struggle with focus. They might easily get bored with the tasks they might be assigned, might overlook details, find it hard to listen to others in a conversation and struggle to complete tasks.

They might be anxious

Adults affected by ADHD much like children might be hyperactive and restless all the time. You might see them moving around quickly, shaking their hands and legs, might find it hard to sit in a seat for long periods of time.

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