The First Time Manoj Bajpayee Flew Abroad, He “Didn’t Take Alcohol” – But On The Way Back…

Manoj Bajpayee needs no special introduction. Be it Srikant Tiwari in The Family Man or Sardar Khan in Gangs of Wasseypur, Manoj Bajpayee is known for his stellar screen presence. Now, Manoj Bajpayee has spoken about the experience of his first international trip. The actor, who appeared on the show Sunday Brunch, said that on his first flight, which was to Paris, he didn’t ask for alcohol. Reason? Manoj Bajpayee thought that they would ask for money. He said, “While I was on the flight to Paris, I didn’t take alcohol at all. Because I thought that they will ask for money. And, I didn’t have money. I was doing theatre, and because of theatre, I was going to an exchange program. So, after going there I found out that the drinks were for free.” Manoj Bajpaye added, “And, then on my way back to India, I drank so much that I was unconscious.” 

Pointing at the chopsticks he was using, Manoj Bajpayee added, “I went to some party in Paris and spotted chopsticks. I saw the people comfortably eating with it. I tried relishing my meal with chopsticks too. Every time I used chopsticks, the food would fall down. Then a dignified lady walked up to my table, picked a fork and said ‘You can use this also. Don’t worry, this needs practice.’”  Manoj Bajpayee added that later his daughter pushed him to use chopsticks. 

On World Theatre Day, last month, Manoj Bajpayee shared pictures of himself performing on stage. Sharing the pics, he wrote, “For 10 years of my life, I lived and breathed theatre – it was my passion, my escape, and my everything. There is nothing like the magic of theatre. It has the power to transport us to different worlds, expose us to new perspectives, and move us to tears or laughter. Today, on World Theatre Day, we pay tribute to an art form that is so much more than just entertainment. From its humble beginnings, theatre has evolved into a powerful tool for reflection, transformation, and inspiration. So let’s take a moment to appreciate the wonder of theatre and all the talented institutes, groups, and individuals who pour their hearts and souls into bringing it to life. Happy World Theatre Day, my fellow theatre lovers! #WorldTheatreDay #Theatre.”

Manoj Bajpayee was last seen in Gulmohar.

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