Satoshi Nakamoto Could Be 48, Birth Date of Anonymous BTC Creator Believed to Be Hint for Historical Event

Not much is known about Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous founder of Bitcoin. While some suspect Nakamoto could be an individual, others have their theories about ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ being a group of people who collectively came up with the idea of Bitcoin. While the mystery behind this ‘entity’ continues to intrigue people, the crypto community has come to believe that Nakamoto turned 48 years old, earlier this week on April 5.

The age of Nakamoto increased by one year on the P2P Foundation profile page dedicated to the BTC creator on April 5. The page also describes Nakamoto as a male, based in Japan.

The P2P Foundation is an international organisation that tracks and documents peer to peer practices with a pool of resources. Users of the P2P Foundation forum are required to enter their birthdates when they join, according to which Nakamoto’s birth year is 1975.

While it’s unclear if this information is accurate or not, it did catch the attention of the members of the crypto community.

#Bitcoin legend Satoshi Nakamoto turns 48 today, at least according to information provided to the P2P Foundation when they were registered.

— BigBro Sopa (@KrittidetSopa) April 6, 2023

Happy birthday, Satoshi Nakamoto! :birthday:

Did you know? Satoshi registered his/her/their birthday as April 5, 1975 on the P2P Foundation, one of the internet forums where he/she/they first announced the invention of Bitcoin.

Today, he/she/they is 48 years old.

— Blocktizen ☻ (:eyes:,:bell:) (@blocktizen) April 5, 2023

Several people did however point out, that Nakamoto’s P2P Foundation-registered birthdate could have a satirical hint towards a controversial historical event.

On April 5, 1933, the US government under President Franklin Roosevelt had started taking the country off the gold standard. At the time, an executive order was issued for all US nationals to return gold coins and gold certificates worth more than $100 (roughly Rs. 8,195) to the Federal Reserve.

Nakamoto’s intention behind creating Bitcoin was to oppose exactly this kind of financial monopoly that lies in the hands of the governments around the world. Nakamoto published the whitepaper on Bitcoin on October 31, 2008.

Today is Satoshi Nakamoto’s birthday and he is 48 years old.
The date is no coincidence.#Bitcoin

— Bartosz Lewicki (@LewickiBartosz) April 5, 2023

In 2011, the mysterious Bitcoin inventor bid a farewell to the crypto space and apparently ‘moved on to different things’.

While the enigma around Nakamoto’s identity remains intact, people keep trying to figure out details around him.

In September 2021, Satoshi Nakamoto’s first statue was unveiled in Budapest, Hungary. The bronze statue is the bust of a person wearing a hoodie that has the Bitcoin (BTC) logo engraved on it.

The first ever Satoshi Nakamoto’s status spotted in HUNGARY:flag-hu:.

Who told you that #Bitcoin is dead?

— Donskana:large_orange_diamond::large_orange_diamond: (@CyrilObieze) November 25, 2022

The face of this statue has been sculpted with vague features to represent Satoshi Nakamoto’s anonymity.

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