Parineeti Chopra On Media Reporting On Her: “Will Clarify In Case Somebody’s Gotten Anything Wrong”

Parineeti Chopra, in a recent interview, opened up about dealing with the media spotlight and how she set boundaries for her personal and professional lives. As per Parineeti, the road to success for an actor comes with a desire to “reach every single living room” in their country and that’s why, she doesn’t have issues with her life “out there for the world to see and read.” However, Parineeti said that “there is a thin line between (media) discussing (her) life and sometimes crossing the line into being too personal or disrespectful.” The actress, talking to Lifestyle Asia magazine, said that “recognition, love, and acceptance” are the only factors actors consider while measuring their growth.

Parineeti Chopra, when asked about what part of her personal life she keeps away from media attention, said, “Honestly, that’s a very difficult question to answer because everything about you is out there for the world to see and read, and the media is the outlet for that. We work very hard for ourselves, our faces, and our names to reach every single living room in this country. We work our hardest. So, when there is recognition, love, and acceptance, I only see it as success. And I always view it positively.”

“If I were nobody or they were not interested in me, that would probably mean that I did not achieve what I tried to achieve as an actor because a successful actor will be famous, will be a part of everybody’s homes, a part of living room conversation, a part of the news, a part of the news channels, a part of digital media, a part of the paparazzi culture, and everything. That would mean that I’m truly in every single person’s home, you know? How to bifurcate what goes out and what doesn’t go out? I don’t think about that. I think my life is there for the world,” added the actress. 

Parineeti Chopra continued that if any time the media crosses the line, she would just “clarify” the facts. “However, there is a thin line between them discussing my life and sometimes crossing the line into being too personal or disrespectful. If that ever happens, I will just clarify in case somebody’s gotten anything wrong. So, I mean, if the world was not interested, I would have considered myself unsuccessful. If the world is interested, that means I’ve done something right in my career. So that’s how I see it. I’m sure every actress sees it differently,” said the actress. 

In the same interview, Parineeti Chopra also talked about being in her best form and being calm in front of the media. The actress said she has learned to keep her mental peace in place under media attention after years of meditation. “One of my biggest strengths is that I’m a very empathetic person first, and even when other people make mistakes around me or do something to hurt me, I have gone to great lengths to try and understand their point of view,” said the actress, adding that she has come across “all sorts of human beings” in her life but she knows how to deal with them now. 

“Anger usually comes when you’re not understanding something or you are making an impulsive reaction. If you are empathetic and you understand the other point of view, you never get angry. I remember when I was really young, whenever I would get angry, I would feel a lot of guilt afterwards. And over the years I started meditating, and it helped me a lot. Now I don’t have to protect that moment because I very naturally do not react to things,” Parineeti told the magazine. 

Apart from her work, Parineeti Chopra featured in headlines recently for her rumoured relationship with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Raghav Chadha. However, the duo have opted to remain silent about the rumours. They have been spotted together a couple of times in Delhi and Mumbai. 

On the work front, Parineeti Chopra will next be seen in the film Chamkila.

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