Explanation of Chinese Astrology

Are you perplexed by the interpretations of Chinese astrology? Are you interested in learning more about this 5000-year-old art form?

Chinese astrology is lunar-based. As with other cultures’ astrology, a horoscope is created by calculating the positions of the stars and planets for each of the twelve zodiac signs based on the year of birth.

The Chinese Zodiac Signs


Rats are endearing and seductive to the other sex. However, despite their outward appearances, they are restless, which can manifest as aggression. Rats are excellent with money and are quick to seize an opportunity. Additionally, they are extremely generous with their friends. They adore people and large gatherings and are constantly surrounded by others. Additionally, they are involved in numerous intimate circles and enjoy being involved in everything possible, which sometimes leads them to attempt to do too much. They are gifted writers and public speakers, and success comes naturally to them.


Oxen appear to be calm on the surface, but conceal their tempers. They are diligent workers who are stubborn to a fault. This, however, makes them one of the most reliable indicators. They are dependable and easily advance within the company. They may not have much of a social life if they do not exercise caution. They are not particularly adept at mind games and can occasionally be duped in romance. However, once they find someone, they are tenacious and devoted.


Tigers are vivacious and unpredictable creatures. Their wild side causes them to attract attention. They speak their minds and are constantly on the lookout for the next great party or idea. Additionally, they are active in volunteering their time and resources to causes they care about. They are kind and truthful. They are, however, rebels. They are idealistic and will rebel against a society they believe is wrong. They are emotional and impulsive, susceptible to both romance and jealousy.


Rabbits are gentle and gracious. They adore tranquillity and prefer a good book to a night out. Their sensitivity can result in moodiness, but rabbits are generally excellent at maintaining order. While they appear to be quiet, rabbits are adept at spotting bargains. They are charming and can easily persuade others to agree with their position on an issue. While they are cautious, once they feel secure, they can also be friendly and inviting.


Dragons are armed with fire. They are brimming with vitality and desire to live life to the fullest. They are perfectionists who have high expectations of themselves and others. They intimidate those who oppose them, despite their fierce loyalty to their friends. They can be obstinate, but they will communicate their feelings. They regard themselves as strong and lovable, and they strive to inspire others to live up to their expectations.


Snakes are enigmatic, frequently seducing the opposite sex. They are graceful and gravitate toward grandiose and cultural endeavors. They are private and tend to seek self-esteem from within, and are superstitious about everything. They are not frugal, but always have cash on hand. When a snake finds a lover, they become jealous and will turn cold almost on a whim.


Horses are generally sociable creatures. They thrive on being the center of attention and will captivate others with their quick wit. They do, however, have malleable alliances and will engage in numerous brief romances and friendships. They thrive on change and lead adventurous lives. They despise being confined and enjoy exercising and spending time outdoors. They dislike following through on a plan and frequently take on too much. They may become irritable with others they perceive to be moving too slowly.


Sheep are gentle creatures. They are empathetic to others’ suffering and are easy to communicate with. They despise being rushed and will snap under duress. They despise harsh words and prefer to be guided gently. While passive, they are also patient, and they generally succeed in getting their way. They are constantly thoughtful of their friends and family and give thoughtful gifts. They are frequently concerned with what others think and frequently overspend.


Monkeys are perceptive and intelligent. They are hands-on problem solvers with a strong sense of self-worth. They take pleasure in completing difficult tasks and do not require persuasion to attempt one. Their success is due to their exceptional memory. They are diligent workers who are unconcerned about what others think of them. They rarely have many friends, despite the fact that their success attracts attention.


The rooster is a romantic. They are both perfectionists and dreamers. They are detail-oriented and thrive on a challenge, even if it appears impossible at first glance. They take great pride in knowing every detail about a subject of interest, which makes them excellent debaters. They will, however, never admit to being wrong. Additionally, they frequently intercede and attempt to resolve other people’s problems, whether or not they have been invited to do so. They thrive on constant activity and will work for whatever they set their sights on.


Dogs are friendly and candid about their emotions. They are extremely family-oriented and devoted to their friends. They will fight for what they believe is a just cause. They are uneasy around extravagant wealth and, regardless of social status, prefer a loving home. Once you make a friend of a dog, they will remain by your side for the rest of your life. They are monogamous and pick their lovers carefully. They work hard and play hard, and they know when to do one or the other. They are excellent providers for those they care about.


Pigs thrive on social interaction. They have numerous friends and avoid heated debates of all kinds. It is not that they lack an opinion; they simply enjoy partying and do not wish to jeopardize the experience. They are excellent listeners, but are occasionally gullible and easily exploited. This can occasionally be detrimental to their relationships. They are dependable and trustworthy, and will always stand by their friends. They are generous with those who matter to them.

The Five Components

Chinese astrology has another layer that is less well-known than the Chinese zodiac signs. Chinese astrologers employ a 60-year cycle comprised of five distinct sets of the twelve zodiac signs. Each of the five repetitions of the signs corresponds to a different element, further complicating the animal.

Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth are the five elements.

In Chinese astrology, the elements are considered to be part of a cycle; no element is superior or inferior to another. Indeed, they are cyclical in nature, both positively and negatively, such that:

Water creates Wood, which creates Fire, which creates Earth, which creates Metal, which creates Water.

Water extinguishes fire. Fire extinguishes metal. Metal extinguishes wood. Wood extinguishes earth. Earth extinguishes water.

Additionally, they can be openly hostile and aggressive:

Water is resistant to fire
Metal is resistant to fire Metal is resistant to wood Wood is resistant to earth Earth is resistant to water

Thus, you now understand the fundamentals of Chinese Astrology. Have fun discovering your Chinese zodiac sign!