The Seven Helpers – Flower Essences And Remedies

The ‘Seven Helper’ Flower Essences Have a Purpose:

The Seven Helpers’ purpose is to address deeply ingrained negative vibrational patterns that may be obstructing the development of the primary personality type. For instance, Olive, one of the Seven Helper flower essences, is prescribed for states of exhaustion caused by a healing struggle or other life event. In this case, it may be difficult to discern the individual’s primary personality type, as genuine fatigue obscures much else – this genuine weariness may mask other personality traits or patterns.

Alternatively, the chronic state may simply obstruct progress toward healing that would otherwise occur. Using Olive essence as an example once more – A person may clearly require the assistance of one of the Twelve Healers. Perhaps they live in fear and require Mimulus to heal. However, their fatigue is so severe that they lack the strength to address these issues – in this case, it may be beneficial to combine Olive and Mimulus to provide a more comprehensive flower essence therapy support.

As is customary with flower essence therapy, treatment is not a substitute for proper professional care in cases of illness. While it is possible that an illness has emotional roots and that flowers can be beneficial, self-prescription of flower essences as a cure should not be relied upon exclusively.

Then there are the descriptions…

The Seven Assistants:


As previously stated, Olive flower essence is indicated in cases of extreme fatigue. A person may appear pale, worn out, and/or exhausted as a result of excessive worry, illness, grief, or another type of struggle. Perhaps the individual believes they lack the strength to continue; that both their physical and mental energy sources have been depleted. The Olive remedy enables one to connect to a new source of light, assisting one in seeing and experiencing the rejuvenation that results from establishing (or reestablishing) a connection to a universal energy. This connection may act as a catalyst for change in other areas, or it may be transformative in and of itself by assisting one in realizing the inseparability of the etheric’spirit’ body and the physical body.


This flower essence is used when one’s willpower has been sapped by discouragement, when one has become hopeless and resigned to one’s circumstances. They may have devoted an inordinate amount of energy to the negative possibilities, solidifying this outlook to the point where no progress can be made. This remedy restores hope to such individuals, allowing them to have a more optimistic outlook, and perhaps even more joy, when confronted with life’s difficulties.


The remedy for those who are devoted to excessive striving, regardless of whether the result is positive. Those in need of the Oak flower essence possess a strong will and determination, which can be true assets. However, there are times when it is critical to temper this force with delicacy and grace. The individual may have become resigned to their endeavor’s inevitable failure or to succumbing to illness, but they persist in their efforts. Oak assists in reestablishing balance by allowing one to relinquish control or rest when necessary. A critical component in today’s hard-striving world.


For those who believe their path is the ‘correct’ or ‘only’ path, Vine essence creates an opening in their perception for alternative points of view. A person in need of Vine may have a domineering personality, insisting that everyone else, including health professionals, follow their lead. When it is perceived that others do not share the same ideas, great stress can result, and harm, or at the very least a lack of healing, may occur. Vine essence may help to soften this self-centered nature, assisting one in realizing that other points of view may be equally valid, if not more so, than one’s own. This enables the individual to receive necessary support, which is frequently a critical component of personal transformation.


The Heather personality type appears to be self-absorbed, constantly discussing their own situations and problems. Indeed, such individuals are profoundly lonely and frequently in great emotional distress. They may experience a sense of emptiness or hunger, which they satiate through others’ attention. This flower essence assists in connecting with one’s Higher Self, allowing one to find peace and solace in the unity of all beings. This realization assists one in overcoming feelings of loneliness and disconnection by relying on emotional self-sufficiency and genuine shared relationships with others.

Rock Water

For those who are excessively critical of themselves. Being reflective and aware is one thing; going so far as to limit one’s enjoyment of life (and that of one’s friends and family) is quite another. Flexibility and spontaneity are critical components of a ‘well-lived life.’ Additionally, a rigid lifestyle can prevent an individual from experiencing joy, which is critical for healing from a variety of illnesses. This essence is occasionally recommended for those new to flower essence therapy or those who are not seeing results, as it may assist in opening the soul to the plant realm’s energies.

Wild Oat

Health and happiness are inextricably linked to one’s capacity to discover one’s true vocation. Wandering through life without a sense of direction can result in distressed states, such as addiction or despondency. Wild Oat flower essence may assist one in discovering their true calling, benefiting both the individual and the greater environment. When one discovers this sense of meaning, a powerful inner light can shine forth, promoting one’s own and others’ health.

These are the Seven Helpers, according to Dr. Edward Bach’s 12-7-19 flower essence classification system. According to legend, the Twelve Healers and the Seven Helpers can assist in the transformation of a variety of vibrational/emotional states. Simultaneously, it is critical to keep an open mind to possibilities; there are a large number of researched flower essences available, some of which can be applied even more precisely to a particular situation. The Healer and Helper essences, on the other hand, are an excellent place to begin if one is looking for an effective collection of remedies that are suitable for the needs of a variety of beings.