New private medical college to be set up south Goa district hospital, Margao: CM Sawant

Panaji: Bringing good news to the medical aspirants, a new private medical college is set to be established soon at the new South Goa district hospital, Margao.

The ongoing debate about the set up of a private medical college at the hospital has been finally put to an end after Chief Minister Pramod Sawant made the announcement on Tuesday.

The new medical college would provide dedicated healthcare facilities to the patients and an opportunity for the medical aspirants to fulfil their dream in the medical field. Aiming to improve the medical and healthcare infrastructure, the government decided to go ahead with the plan to establish a medical college in Margao.

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Talking about this, Sawant told The Goan “The decision is taken to ensure that more students get exposure to medicine and also to provide better healthcare facilities at the South Goa district hospital. the medical college would take shape as per the policy of Niti Aayog and the Centre and will be under the supervision of the State government. “

The chief minister disclosed that associating a medical college with the district hospital will help resolve most of the issues of providing services. “Currently opening up certain facilities at the South Hospital is challenging because of numerous factors, including the availability of doctors,” he added.

As a result of the medical college being set up at the district hospital, patients will have easy access to healthcare, and medical aspirants will be able to fulfil their dreams of becoming doctors while serving the patients.

Meanwhile, the state government is thriving to uplift the healthcare sector in the state by making promising announcements in the budget 2023-24. In the budget, Rs 2324.65 crore has been allocated to the health sector which is an 18% hike from the previous year’s budget.

Setting up nursing colleges in north and south Goa, an ICU department and a medical college in the South Goa district hospital. The budget also mentioned about seeking permission from the National Medical Commission (NMC) for 2 MD courses in Geriatrics & Immunology and Haematology & blood transfusion for an upcoming academic year.

Speaking about the health budget this year, Sawant said that his government would strive to give effect to all the announcements made in the Budget.

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