Hypnosis and Extraterrestrial Abduction? I Haven’t Seen It, but I Wish I Could

I recall reading a book about UFO abductions before I became a professional hypnotherapist and learning that one of the “tools” used by these investigators to gather details about reported abduction experiences is hypnosis and hypnotic age regression. I’m not sure what to make of this, but as Fox Mulder’s office poster stated, “I want to believe.” I’ve seen The X-Files and thoroughly enjoyed the show. However, I’m sorry to report that after years of conducting hypnosis sessions and conducting thousands of sessions, not a single person has reported an encounter with a UFO! I’m actually a little disappointed.

This dearth of UFO encounters while clients are hypnotized also applies to the numerous hypnotherapists who have worked at the Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. and conducted thousands of additional sessions. Why is this the case? Of course, there is always the possibility that alien abduction experiences do not exist. Thus far, that hypothesis has held the most weight with me, though I must admit that I would love to have a client reveal such an experience while under hypnosis in my office. Additionally, I would consider such a session to be genuine evidence of alien abduction if it occurred in a specific manner and under specific circumstances. Allow me to illustrate what that would entail.

To begin, I would prefer that person to be a scientific thinker who was unconcerned about UFOs. This individual should be mentally sound and of average intelligence. He or she should be seeing me for something unrelated, such as smoking cessation, binge eating, motivation, or an exaggerated fear of public speaking.

Then I’d prefer a spontaneous regression. That is, while I was conducting an age regression for another purpose, namely to ascertain the source of a client’s fear of snakes, we ended up in the middle of the client recounting an alien abduction.

Nobody wants to believe that those kinds of experiences are actually occurring. However, the concept of life “out there” is appealing in some ways.

However, I have discovered no evidence of it thus far. I’ve trained over 500 hypnotherapists over the last few years, and I’m not aware of anyone ever sharing such an experience with me. I must honestly ask myself, how could this be? Of course, the aliens could use brain manipulation to keep the “inductees” in a state where deep hypnosis is incapable of revealing the events, at least in any such case that may have passed through our offices undetected.

However, other hypnotherapists frequently encounter individuals who report such abductions. How could this have occurred? Now, I must emphasize that I am not an expert in the field of UFO investigation; I am simply sharing my observations about the phenomenon of people reporting UFO abductions.

Almost everywhere they look, it appears as though some hypnotherapists can “discover” that nearly every difficulty a client may experience is the result of an alien abduction. These hypnotherapists appear to be magnets for such cases. Could it be that these cases seem to cluster around those hypnotherapists for some reason? Perhaps an unseen force is directing abductees toward these hypnotherapists. It is conceivable. Alternatively, they may be suggesting such events to their clients, either intentionally or inadvertently. Keep in mind that hypnosis is a state of increased suggestibility, so the latter is a distinct possibility.

Another possibility is that individuals who believe they have been abducted will seek out hypnotherapists who specialize in such cases. Even the most skilled and conscientious hypnotists may conduct sessions that reveal pseudo abduction scenarios in these circumstances. As any well-trained hypnotist is aware, clients frequently experience what they anticipate experiencing while in hypnosis. Thus, if a prospective client enters a hypnotist’s office with the intention of reliving an alien abduction, it is likely that he or she will do so, even if such an event never occurred. The events that take place during a hypnotic age regression session are not always historically accurate. Almost every hypnotic age regression experience involves some level of confabulation (memory distortion, usually adding information).

One issue with such hypnosis sessions in which a client is either led into a confabulated experience or one that occurs as a result of the client’s desire to prove what they suspect or fear is true, is that once the client has experienced the confabulated event, it is experienced as true in hypnosis. As a result, when the individual awakens from hypnosis, they will recall the event as if it were true, rendering any further exploration with that individual futile if the goal is to ascertain whether the event occurred. Now, almost certainly, the individual will continue to build on that hallucinated experience with similar experiences, resulting in additional false memories.

Given that I have not yet had a client who meets my criteria enter my office and recount an abduction experience, I’m curious as to whether others have. If that is the case, I would love to hear about it. I’d even prefer to be able to examine a recording of such a session in order to look for indications that the client was being led by the hypnotist and was thus suggested the experience either intentionally or inadvertently.

Again, I like to think of myself as an empathetic person. By some people’s standards, I do believe in some “abnormal” and “supernatural” phenomena. I believe in a Supreme Being. I believe in an afterlife. Additionally, I believe that we are born into this life for a reason. Additionally, I wish to believe that aliens will visit our lovely little planet. However, the more experience I gain with hypnosis, the less convinced I am that such a phenomenon exists or has ever existed. Although I admit that the absence of evidence for such a phenomenon does not invalidate it.