Diabetic Stroke: 10 Warning Symptoms of High Blood Sugar Induced Brain Stroke

Diabetes is a condition marked by a sudden surge in the body’s blood glucose levels. This mainly happens due to the lack of insulin production. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas and helps convert blood glucose into energy that the body requires to function correctly. Now, due to the lack of insulin production by the pancreas, the sugar levels go for a toss in the blood, giving rise to a condition called high blood sugar, or diabetes. Uncontrolled blood glucose levels can have a severe impact on the overall health of a person. From triggering heart diseases to causing a brain stroke, diabetes can do a lot to your body than you could ever think. Today, we will understand the connection between brain stroke and uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

Diabetic Stroke: What Is It?

Yes, you read that right, diabetic stroke. People with diabetes have a higher risk of a stroke than those without. The risk of suffering the worst health conditions, or even death is higher with an ischemic stroke, and patients suffering from diabetes have a higher risk of small bleeds in the brain, known as cerebral microbleeds. This worsens the condition inside the brain, leading to a severe brain stroke.

Is high blood sugar levels related to brain stroke?

Yes, the connection, as discussed above is real and happens due to the formation of blood clots inside the brain due to high sugar levels in the blood. Diabetes means you have too much sugar in your blood. This can increase the risk of a stroke because having too much sugar in your blood can severely damage the blood vessels. And added to this, high blood sugar levels can also make blood vessels become stiff.

What happens inside the brain before the stroke?

Diabetes is a well-established risk factor for stroke. It can cause clotting of the blood vessels, thus blocking the blood flow to the brain. This hindrance in the blood flow to the brain can cause cells inside the brain to die within minutes. Another cause is stenosis or narrowing of the artery.

High sugar levels in the blood can cause pathologic changes in blood vessels at various locations inside the brain. This can lead to stroke if cerebral vessels are directly affected. Additionally, experts say that the mortality is higher and post-stroke outcomes are poorer in patients who have suffered a stroke with uncontrolled glucose levels.

Symptoms of A Diabetic Stroke

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of a stroke is a crucial first step to getting help. Therefore, we have jotted down all the signs and symptoms that one who is suffering from diabetes or high blood sugar, can experience before a brain stroke. Below mentioned are some of the common diabetes-related stroke symptoms:

Trouble talking
Extreme fatigue
Problems with balancing the body
Sudden and severe headache
Blurry vision
Numbness on one side of the body (for example, one side of the face, one arm or one leg).


What blood sugar level can cause a stroke?

Elevated blood glucose is common in the early phase of stroke. The prevalence of hyperglycemia, defined as blood glucose level >6.0 mmol/L (108 mg/dL), has been observed in two-thirds of all ischemic stroke subtypes on admission and in at least 50% in each subtype including lacunar strokes.

What Are The Risk Factors For Diabetic Stroke?

The common risk factors can include —

Uncontrolled high blood pressure
High cholesterol
Sickle cell disease
Circulation problem
Atrial fibrillation
Obesity or overweight
A family history

Speaking to TheHealthSite.com, Dr Pratap Rai said, “Many people with high blood sugar levels or diabetes are suffering from obesity and cardiovascular problems. These two health conditions can further increase the risk of a diabetic stroke.”

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