Additional free advice on resolving your INSOMNIA issue

Inability to sleep at night is a major issue for a large number of people. If you find yourself in this category, rest assured that there IS HOPE for breaking free from the cycle.

Insomnia is a silent disease that depletes the human resources necessary for normal body and mind function. Lack of energy, inability to concentrate, grumpiness, and susceptibility to other illnesses are all symptoms of not getting enough restful sleep.

Doctors are more than happy to prescribe pills and suggest other ‘possible’ treatments, but they are NOT resolving the issue. To be honest, they have no idea how to provide you with permanent relief from this affliction, and thus follow the standard procedure of providing temporary relief. They can continue earning money through repeat business. It’s a heartbreaking but true story, and you continue to be a victim of the system.

They would easily be able to determine that the causes of INSOMNIA, regardless of the patient’s age, if they took the time to analyze every patient with a sleeping disorder and coordinated the data collected. Everybody experiences some level of stress. It is the manner in which stress is dealt with that determines whether or not it affects a person’s sleeping patterns and to what extent.

Stress management is beneficial in the fight against insomnia and a variety of other sleeping disorders. Finding a workable solution is not difficult. The following are some free tips that you can try; you will be amazed at how well they work.

What you need to focus on is breaking the cycle that prevents you from sleeping. You must replace negative, stressful thoughts with ones that will help you sleep.

All of these have been tried and tested by me and have proven to be beneficial over the years. They can be used singly or in groups. Certain things may not be able to break your negative cycle, but others will. Some are also conditional on whether you sleep alone or not.

The majority of people who use this method will begin at one and count indefinitely. While sleep is accomplished, it occurs as a result of boredom and thus is not a structured remedy.

To properly apply this tip and obtain rapid and consistent results, choose a number close to one hundred and count BACKWARDS until you reach one. The reason for doing it this way is that you will reach a point where you will achieve sleep. Take a long, deep breath each time you count a number. It may not work the first time, but it WILL work the second time. If you reach one or lose track of your progress, simply restart at a number close to one hundred. This clears your mind of any other thoughts that are obstructing your sleep and provides you with a positive focal point for your efforts. It’s straightforward and extremely effective.

Additionally, you can try these to break the cycle.

While you’re lying in bed waiting for your sleep cycle to begin, begin gently jiggling your leg or arm, as if you’re keeping time to your favorite song. Turn on your radio and adjust the volume to the point where you can barely hear it. Your straining to listen combined with the jiggling will create its own sleep cycle, and you will easily drift off to dreamland. If you have a sleeping partner, this method is incompatible. You may need to locate a single bed to conduct this test.

Naturally, there are additional ‘factors’ that influence your ability to maintain regular and relaxing sleeping patterns. These are external influences over which you have no control, such as noise and obnoxious light. Ideally, your sleeping environment should be dark, quiet, and comfortable. Once you’ve’mastered’ and gained control of these simple tips, you’ll discover that you can adapt to any environment quite easily because you’ll KNOW that you can sleep whenever you want.

It’s appropriate to mention one more tip that took me an extended period of time to discover. This had an unfavorable effect on every method I attempted. I discovered that if the temperature isn’t too high, your body has a better chance of relaxing and thus sleeping better. I used to sleep in socks because my feet were constantly cold. Socks in bed are a definite NO – NO! They have a tendency to overheat your entire body and disrupt any established sleep patterns. Electric blankets have a similar detrimental effect. You have a much better chance of sleeping if your body temperature is lower, NOT higher.

For over 27 years, the tips detailed above, combined with my simple 5-minute – 9-step technique, have successfully assisted me in achieving regular and relaxing sleeping patterns.

Don’t you believe it’s past time to stop paying Doctors for partial solutions when they truly lack the ability to assist you? Isn’t it preferable to emulate the successful working techniques of someone who has already traveled the path you are about to take?

Please visit my website for the complete solution and, as many others have done, feel free to email me with any questions or comments. I wish you a pleasant night’s sleep.

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